Historical Weapons XVI-XIX C.

Historical Weapons XVI-XIX C.

Do you know who Denix was? This name comes from one of the three war gods in the Japanese mythology. Deducing from the place it comes, it seems that it must be the same as Amida, the greatest god of the Japanese Olympus.

Our admiration for the replica guns takes us back to the samurai culture, filled by the great battles of a military elite who ruled Japan for hundreds of years. Thousands of stories and legends about the samurai carried on horseback with their great bows or in duels with their nihont, more commonly known in the west as katana. This weapon was most closely related to the samurai and even came to be considered during the Edo period as "the soul of the samurai."

In the West and Europe from the 16th to the 19th centuries, our catalog shows a great number of guns, flintlock pistols, dewling pistols, blunderbusses, carabiners, rifles with bayonets or rifles. Firing arms of the Castile, England, Austria, Germany, Italy, France ... of that period, accompained by sabers and swords.

While the indomitable Cossack armies plundered the Polish-Lithuanian border, which would later befall the Napoleonic armies in the Russia of the tsars.

Times of great battles. Scenes of duels between knights. Centuries of wars between the major kingdoms of Europe until the arrival of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution when historical figures such as Napoleon emerge. Figure that protagonizes that period. During a period of little more than a decade, he took control of almost all Western and Central Europe through a series of conquests and alliances, and only after his defeat in the battle of the Nations, near Leipzig, in October of 1813, he was forced to abdicate a few months later. He returned to France and to the power during the brief period called the Hundred Days and was decisively defeated in the battle of Waterloo in Belgium, 18 of June of 1815, being exiled by the British in the island of Santa Elena, where he died.

Centuries of great emperors like Peter the first of Russia, nicknamed Peter the Great was one of the most outstanding rulers of the history of Russia, He pertained to the Romanov dynasty.

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