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RTVE Fábrica de ideas - 29/12/18

Fábrica de ideas - 29/12/18

ICEX - Denix, el desconocido mundo de las réplicas de armas


  1. Posted by on 5

    Are you considering doing a replica of the Spencer carbine? being that you have a very nice replica of the Sharps carbine.would be very nice to have

  2. Posted by on

    Nice to see the replica MG-34! Will there be accessories( sling, basket mags, belts, ammo cans, etc.)?
    Also, any chance we will ever see a replica US M-14 rifle???
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Posted by on 3

    Hallo liebes Denix Team,
    ich heiße Sean und komme aus Berlin, Germany. Ich finde es super wie viel Liebe im Detail in euren Waffen steckt und wie hochwertig deren Qualität ist. Macht bitte weiter so. Alles gute aus Berlin.

    Mfg Sean

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