Medieval Europe VI-XV C.

Medieval Europe VI-XV C.

We are transported to the world of the Germanic iron age of the barbarian kingdoms. And to the Vikings, where Scandinavian peasants armed with swords, knives, shields, helmets, axes and bows traveled on periodic expeditions to loot neighboring coasts and return to their homes loaded to the brim of gold, jewels and silks.

Their siege reached much of northern and central Europe, leading fierce attacks from their beliefs and religion that only allowed them access to the "Valhalla" (the Viking paradise) if they fought heroically and showed no fear to their enemy. And where Odin, their war-god, was in charge of sending the Valkyries to collect the heroic warriors killed in the battle (the Einherjer) who sit next to him in the "Valhalla" where Odin presides over the banquets.

But the Middle Ages take us until the Crusades and some historical figures such as King Arthur (and his sword Excalibur), Richard the Lionheart and the Knights Templar with their founder Hugo de Payns.

Through the replicas of their swords, shields and armor you can enter into the holy battles of medieval times. Battles and tournaments between knights and feudal lords. The successive Christian military campaigns to reject the Islamic control of the Holy Land and other strategic enclaves dominated by Muslim troops.

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