Letter opener Napoleon's sword


Letter opener Napoleon Bonaparte's sword, made in metal.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France (1804-1815), consolidated and instituted many of the reforms of the French Revolution. He is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of history; Conqueror of most of Europe, commanded campaigns very successful war, although with certain equally defeats. Their aggressive wars of conquest became the greatest military operations known until that moment in Europe, involving a number of soldiers never seen in the armies of the time.

Feel the role of the Napoleonic conquests of the early 19th century!

Reference 3029

Dimensions: 24,8 cm
Weight: 76 g
Country of manufacture: France: Made in France
Epoch: Historical Weapons XVI-XIX C.
Type Collectible: Letter openers

Recommended price 12.06


  1. Posted by BOEV on 24/04/2016 11:23

    Really good item and high quality also. This is the first one from Denix in may collection.

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