Wood stand


Wood base

Reference 9991 - 9992

Dimensions: 162 cm
Weight: 5,150 g
Epoch: Historical Weapons XVI-XIX C.
Type Collectible: Wood stants & displays

Recommended price 541.73
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  1. Posted by Adam on 06/05/2010 04:01

    I just got your MP40 (from another company). AMAZING! I am a collector of real rifles, and hand guns. So, your quality and weight of the mp40 was shocking!! The way it racks, and sets, 100% Correct. I've fired a real mp40 at a gun club once, so this is the next best thing to having one! Also, I own several WW2 Russian Nagant (M1891 Rifles) I also plan on expanding my collection. Thanks again! LOVE YOUR WORK!

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