Percussion pistol, Brescia (Italia) 1825


Italian pistol Brescia, 1825

Percussion pistol, Brescia (Italia) 1825

Reference 1013/L

Dimensions: 38 cm
Weight: 555 g
Epoch: Historical Weapons XVI-XIX C.
Type Collectible: Pistols

Recommended price 66.78


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    it is realy good quality

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    Lack of top strap and side plate spoil this replica pistol, the same can be said of the single shot Derringer with the wooden stock, the new Derringer replica has the top strap and side plate plus other authentic furniture making it very realistic.

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    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France :)

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    Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia

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    Hello. And Bye.

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