Wells Fargo revolver, USA 1849


Wells Fargo revolver, designed by S. Colt, USA 1849.

DENIX Wells Fargo story by Sándor Senkó


  1. Posted by Tonto on 22/09/2023 00:43

    I prefer this replica to all the other Denix Western revolvers. Like others I would love it in all black with ivory grips.

  2. Posted by Jesse on 02/08/2023 00:35

    The Colt Wells Fargo has been one of my favourite replicas, I have several others but the little Colt can be made to look more like a genuine antique revolver with very little effort. I have had mine for several years and have just sanded down the imitation wood grips and found that they now look a lot more realistic.
    One reviewer suggested a black Wells Fargo with imitation ivory grips this would be a great addition to the Denix range.

  3. Posted by John on 12/10/2022 00:35

    I wish Denix would make this Colt replica in all nickel and in all black and make some of these Wells Fargo replicas with imitation ivory grips, surely it wouldn't cost a lot to make those small changes and the increased sales would be worth it. While Denix are doing this they might consider making a replica baby dragoon with a square back trigger guard and four in barrel but that would cost a lot more to time and money to do.

  4. Posted by Ned Kelly on 21/09/2022 00:46

    Good video, the Colt Wells Fargo makes a good hideout pistol and was very popular especially the 1849 models with loading levers. I'd like to see a all black model with ivory grips and a five shot cylinder with .31 chambers and maybe a 4" barrel.

  5. Posted by GK on 21/12/2021 11:18

    Visually very good replica, very few were made with a six shot cylinder so I would prefer the earlier five shot, also a four inch barrel all nickel or all black or all grey. Plus a .31 cal barrel to match the chamber size. Small suggestions but would make this model more popular.

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