Wells Fargo revolver, USA 1849


Wells Fargo revolver, designed by S. Colt, USA 1849.


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    I've had my Wells Fargo 1849 for five years and it's still as good as new. I would like to know if Denix are planning to update this model with a longer barrel or engraving etc. I still don't understand why the half nickel and half black is so popular as it's not as authentic looking as the antique grey one in my humble opinion.

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    Nicely made replica, quite realistic, I would like to see a all nickel revolver instead of the two tone one and as other reviewers have said a five shot cylinder with chambers and barrel having the same size bore too.

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    My favourite Denix replica. Metal polish will make it shine like a nickel plated pistol, a small notch in the nose of the hammer for a authentic back sight, a small brass shotgun bead sight at the muzzle and a little screw in the bottom of the grip frame make this realistic replica even more like the real thing. Just take a look at a real one, these mods are easy. I would love to see Denix make this model with a 4" barrel and 5 shot cylinder.

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    Comparatively few Colt 1849 pocket models were made with 6 shot cylinders, of the 4000 3" Wells Fargo models I have never heard of any being made with a 6 shot cylinder.
    However this Denix model is realistic and I'll up grade to 5*.

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    Later versions of the pocket model were 6 shot so the replica is authentic.

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