LORS HRONOV, s. r. o.

  • LORS HRONOV, s. r. o.
  • LORS HRONOV, s. r. o.

Place Lors Hronov, sro
Hostovského 237
549 31
Website www.zbrane-repliky.cz
Contact lors@lors.cz

The company was founded by Luboš Šroll together with his son Pavel. We are a small family company based in the small town of Hronov in eastern Bohemia. The idea of ??selling replicas and mock-ups of historical weapons came from the head of Luboš Šroll, who at the foreign exhibition was interested in replicas of weapons. Upon his return from this exhibition, he began to look for a suitable, reliable and especially quality manufacturer and supplier of weapons replicas. There were many producers, but we found the most reputable and top quality replicas in Spain at Denix. Here and there, we included the unusual things that we liked when traveling around the world. These were, for example, beautiful paper cards and postcards from Syria, fine and high quality jams and syrups from France, Italian copper dishes, handmade Bali photo albums made of natural materials, statues of onyx and amethyst, hand-woven handbags and wallets from Nepal and more. Replicas and mock-ups of historical weapons, however, have become our main assortment as they have proved to be the most desirable assortment over time.

Because many of us are tempted to recall history, we offer you the opportunity to create unique weapons collections from the 6th Century to the World War II weapons.

In 1995, we acquired the exclusive representation of Denix for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Now we are a wholesale and retail company focused on selling quality replicas and mock-ups. Denix's replicas are designed for decorative purposes and are characterized by an extraordinary quality of processing, are very credible, at first glance indistinguishable from the original of the original weapon. The production of weapons is mainly wood of special pine and metal. The wood is regulated by a patented procedure so that the weapons have the right period appearance.

Denix was founded in 1967 in the Balearic Islands, specifically in Menorca, where the production of replica weapons is a traditional craft.

In the assortment of the company, you can find weapons imitations from the 6th century AD, from World War II, the French Revolution, from the period of the South to the North, from the times of the famous mafias, the wild west, the Indian wars to the weapons used today. These include knives, swords, grenades, axes, rifles, muskets, percussion guns, quartz guns, duel guns, revolvers, submachine guns. Everything is detailed, the size and weight of the replica corresponds to the original weapon.

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