Denix, manufacturer of replica weapons for collectors

High quality reproductions of arms and complements

Factory pictures

  • Main facade of the factory
  • Main facade of the factory, supply entry
  • General view of the factory
  • CNC machine
  • Machining an electrode
  • Mechanical section
  • Casting section
  • Injected castings
  • Casting stock
  • Filing section
  • Pieces prepared to receive electrolytic bath
  • Electrolytic baths section
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Assembly section
  • Assembly section
  • Finished models
  • Packaging section
  • Warehouse section
  • General view of the interior of the new building
  • Packing section


  1. Posted by Neil on 27/09/2020 16:40

    Long time collector with more then 50 examples from the revolutionary war to WW2. Each piece starts a historical research session that enlightens me about my own country. I love to display them in my home and office. Having worked in the theater business for a number of years i can say without hesitation these replicas are affordable stage props that withstand the scrutiny of viewers even up close.

  2. Posted by TIMOTHY BRYSON on 10/08/2020 19:29

    I have 5 models so far, no end in sight!!! These are beautiful and i can't wait to get the next. I wish you guy's would make a 4 inch barrel S&W .357 mag combat magnum, i think it would go over BIG! The M16A1 is Great! BRAVO!!!

  3. Posted by alb.kleijzen (leo) on 09/03/2020 12:34

    magnum 357 python,beautiful pistool did you have for my six replica bullets meke it compleet,all the best.

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