StG 44 assault rifle, Germany 1943


Fusil StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44), Alemania 1943 (2ª Guerra Mundial). With leather belt.

DENIX STG 44 Assault Rifle story by Sándor Senkó
MP44 DENIX - Video review

Reference 1125/C

Dimensions: 93 cm
Weight: 4,824 g
Country of manufacture: Germany:
Epoch: World War I & II 1914-1945
Type Collectible: Submachine gun

Recommended price 391.74


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    My STG 44 just arrived. I guess I expected more detail then it has. The rear site flops around when you move the the gun, needs a stiff spring installed. The safety selector is fixed, or I should say cast into the receiver. Also the ejection port cover is also cast and does not open. I have handled real STG44s before and this one has a pretty good look to it I have to say.

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    This has been on my wish list for so long! Beautiful replika!

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    This STG 44 was one of my best purchases yet, it felt you went back in time in 1944 and got your hands on the actual gun. Denix makes the most quality and most realistic replicas I’ve ever seen in my life. I want more and more of them because of how well they are made. I rate my experience 5/5 easily. This was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

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    Beautiful replica

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