M1928 submachine gun, USA 1918


Replica of a rifle, made of metal and wood, with simulated mechanism of loading and firing and with removable magazine.

The M1928 automatic submachine gun designed by John Taliaferro Thompson in 1918 was adopted in 1938 by the United States Armed Forces serving during World War II and later in the Korean War as well as in early instances of the Vietnam War. It was the favorite of soldiers, criminals, police and civilians for their ergonomics, compact size, reliability, high firing rate in automatic mode and for their ammunition .45 ACP. It had a straight magazine of 20 cartridges or a magazine loader of 50-100 cartridges.

It acquired bad reputation during the time of Prohibition or “dry law” in the United States (1920-1933). It appeared normally in the media of that period, due it was the weapon preferred by the gangsters. Its nicknames were "Trench Broom", "Trench Sweeper", "Chicago Typewriter", "Chicago Piano", "Chicago Style" or "The Chopper".
Since then it has gained popularity among collectors because of its historical importance.

Relive the dry law era with this Denix replica of the M1928 submachine gun!

Denix Replica.- M1928 SUBMACHINE GUN, USA 1918
DENIX M1928 Thompson story by Sándor Senkó
DENIX 1092 - Be an expert - Assembly tutorial
Thompson M1921 & M1928 DENIX - Video review

Reference 1092

Dimensions: 86.5 cm
Weight: 4,470 g
Country of manufacture: United States: Made in the USA
Epoch: World War I & II 1914-1945
Type Collectible: Submachine gun

Recommended price 348.51 Vídeos


  1. Posted by Edward Hogue on 06/01/2021 23:17

    Your reproduction WWll rifles look very awesome.

  2. Posted by John MacDonald on 20/08/2020 18:42

    The replica is very realistic. Perfect for display or as a photo prop. Unfortunately, unlike the photos and the videos here, the orange plug in the barrel protrudes 1/4" which spoils the look. Federal law requires Denix to ship the replica that way but does not require the consumer to keep in intact (only required during sale and shipment).
    But this plug cannot be removed. The photos show the plug recessed into the barrel which is fine for display but not sticking out 1/4". Had I known it would arrive this way I would not have purchased.

  3. Posted by Siggy on 01/08/2020 01:16

    That's a good thing. I'd use it instead of a stick. Booce will surely withstand it as real. I had to keep your produce for a few times and I liked it. Especially liked the 1911 black thing, well and peace maker

  4. Posted by emil falk on 30/12/2018 20:09

    It feels and looks super genuine, however, me personally would've liked a box magasine more than a drum magasine.

  5. Posted by rlwieneke on 02/12/2017 04:13

    I'm decorating my living room in Depression-Prohibition Era 1920's to 1940's and this Tommy Gun replica leaning against the wall is a great addition to the room.

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