M1 Garand rifle, USA 1932


Replica rifle, made of metal and wood, with simulated mechanism of loading and firing.

The M1 Garand, was developed by the weapons designer John C. Garand, in 1928. It was a semi-automatic rifle, powered by gas and powered by a block magazine carrying 8 cartridges .30-06 Springfield; when the last bullet was fired, the empty magazine was automatically ejected, producing a characteristic sound, easy to identify. It had an effective range of 550 m, with a high accuracy and shot availability. For these reasons, it became one of the most effective rifles of the Second World War.

The M1 was the first semiautomatic rifle commonly used by the infantry of the United States, reaching to produce more than 5.000.000 units. For Its simple construction, allowed to clean and keep the weapon always ready. Its reliability and its firepower against its German and Japanese counterparts, who continued using bolt-action rifles as their standard infantry weapon, gave US soldiers a clear advantage. in combat. General George Patton referred to the M1 Garand as "The best tool of war ever created."

For several decades it was used by the US Army in several wars: during the Second World War, the Korean War and, not so much, during the Vietnam War. Other countries adopted it: Germany, France, Japan, China, etc. It was also used by the guerrillas in South America and during the Cuban Revolution to overthrow the dictator Batista.

Relive the most famous battles of the Second World War with this historical reproduction of Denix of the best rifle ever created!

M1 GARAND DENIX - Video review

Reference 1105

Dimensions: 110 cm
Weight: 3,480 g
Country of manufacture: United States: Made in the USA
Epoch: World War I & II 1914-1945
Type Collectible: Rifles & carbines

Recommended price 357.58 Vídeos


  1. Posted by Martin on 16/01/2024 22:45

    Genuinely excellent Garand, absolutely the centrepiece of my film grade US equipment collection.

  2. Posted by John on 26/07/2020 14:49

    Great looking historical representation especially for those that live in areas where using the real thing is prohibited. For those that want to do historical interpretation of World War II and Korea, you can’t do better than Denix!

  3. Posted by Taylor on 14/07/2020 02:52

    I’d love to win this for my brother, who’s a WWII Reanactor. His 15th birthday is coming up, and I know he’s been wanting this for some time.

  4. Posted by Kendall on 13/07/2020 21:02

    My son honors the Greatest Generation as a Reenactor. I’d love to be able to gift him this for his impression.

  5. Posted by Connor Garran on 13/07/2020 19:21

    The m1 garand is the greatest battle rifle ever designed and used. I have bought the denix m1 carbine and it is a true work of art. Denix makes high quality low price replicas of the most recognizable weapons in the history of mankind.

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