Mk 4 revolver, UK 1923


Mk 4 revolver, designed by Webley, UK 1923 (World War II).

The mechanism of the drum is specifically blocked.

DENIX Replica.- MK 4 REVOLVER, UK 1923 (WWII) by Roberto Condotta
Webley MK IV DENIX - Video review
DENIX MK4 Revolver story by Sándor Senkó
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Reference 1119

Dimensions: 28.5 cm
Weight: 700 g
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom: Made in U.K.
Epoch: World War I & II 1914-1945
Type Collectible: Revolvers

Recommended price 91.19 Vídeos


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    I like this replica and like my other Denis replicas I add a finishing touch to make them a bit more realistic, I used fine grit paper to take off the shine from the plastic grips I also did this to my Walther PPK and they look better in my opinion.⅞GU9z

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    I really fancied getting this historic revolver, but some of the attraction died for me when I realised that the spectacular top break doesn't function, the hammer cannot be cocked, the cylinder rotates both ways and the chambers are not necessarily aligned with the barrel as you click the trigger. Seeing all the mechanics function correctly is important to me. Well I guess these limitations are reflected in the great low price.

    I'm sure it's a great theatre/cinema prop or a nice wall decoration. As the latter it's old fashioned enough that thieves probably won't steal it to use in robberies and security officials probably won't start in horror if they find you transporting it in your car. The Webley might not have been coolest looking revolver, but functionally it was a big improvement on the Colt 45 and the S&W Model 3, the latter of which truly overlapped with the Webley, It seems to be chambered in .38 instead of the more common .455.

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    i hope i win the giveaway

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    I bought one of these for re-enacting as an RAF officer. It was very good value for money, and far cheaper than trying to buy a deactivated pistol. Good heavy weight to it which is accurate, and certainly looks genuine. Without looking really close, impossible to tell it is a replica. It does not break to load ammo which is a good safety feature, but the ammo cylinder does move and so does the hammer and trigger. Very pleased with it.

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    Very realistic looking replica.I have four Denix replica's and would recommend Denix guns to collectors on a budget.
    Good value for money.

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