Mod. 73 rifle, USA 1873.

Reproduction of a rifle, made of metal and wood, with simulating loading and firing mechanism.
The Model 1873 was a repeating rifle with lever action, that is, it allowed several shots to be fired before reloading, ejecting the old casing and replacing it with a new one by operating a lever attached to the trigger guard; hence the term "repeating rifle".
Its operation consists of a horizontal movement closure that has the needle in line inside; When the lower lever is actuated, it unlocks the lock, then moves it backwards, uncovering the breech, giving space to a lifting tile and mounting the striker from behind. At the end of its backward travel, the latch causes a bullet to travel from the magazine to the riser pad, and then the reciprocal forward movement of the lever raises the pad, placing the bullet in front of the chamber, where it is pushed into battery by the closure. The last upward stroke of the lever again locks the closure in the trip position.
The Model 1873 was the most widely used rifle of its time, due to its steel structure and because it used the same central percussion cartridges as revolvers of that period. That allowed the shooter to carry two different weapons with the same type of ammunition. It was produced in such big quantities that it became a common element in the western United States, receiving the nickname of "The gun that won the West", due to its roots and versatility. It was the inspiration for the film "Winchester '73," shot in 1950, starring with James Stewart and directed by Anthony Mann.
Travel to the American western with the historical reproduction of this DENIX rifle, a weapon very appreciated by historical reenactors and weapon collectors!


DENIX (NOVELTIE) a MOD. 73 RIFLE, USA 1873 film by Sandor Senko
3D model

Reference 6318

Dimensions: 110 cm
Weight: 2,625 g
Country of manufacture: United States: Made in the USA
Epoch: Western and American Civil War 1861-1899
Type Collectible: Rifles & carbines

Recommended price 319.91 Vídeos
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