Military Sharps carbine, USA 1859


Reproduction of a carbine made of metal and wood, with simulated mechanism of loading and firing.

The Sharps carbine, created from the design of Christian Sharps in 1848, was a bolt-draw carbine that in addition to being able to use the standard fulminating capsule, had a rather unusual mechanism of priming. It contained a column of fulminating capsules and put one on the chimney each time the trigger was tightened and the hammer fell, making it easier to fire.

The carbine version of the Sharps rifles was very popular in both the Union and Confederation cavalry, and unlike the rifle, about 90,000 of the Model 1859 were made. Its draw bolt lent itself to conversions. New metallic cartridges developed in the late 1860s, so many carbines were used during the Indian Wars in the decades following the American Civil War (1861-1865)

Experience your historic recreations of the American Civil War with the DENIX replica of this carbine!

DENIX Sharp Rifle by Sandor Denko
DENIX Sharp Rifle by Sandor Denko

Reference 1142

Dimensions: 101 cm
Weight: 2,505 g
Country of manufacture: United States: Made in the USA
Epoch: Western and American Civil War 1861-1899
Type Collectible: Rifles & carbines

Recommended price 198.13 Vídeos


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    it is a brilliant replica and very affordable and a good weight if you are a cvil war weapons collector this is a must.

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