Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon, England 1861

Reproduction of an English carabine, made of metal and wood, with simulated mechanism for loading and firing.

The 1861 Enfield was a short version of the Enfield 1853; in the British Empire it was used by the artillery units for their personal defense. In the American Civil War (1861-1865) it was used by the artillery and cavalry units, being the second most used rifle of the war. It was a very popular weapon, especially among the Confederate troops, who imported more Enfield rifles than any other weapon during the confrontation, buying them from private contractors and arms dealers.

The Enfield 1861, also known as Pattern 1861 Enfield, was a 15mm (.577) caliber muzzleloader carabine. The rifle had a steel barrel whose bore had only three stripes and was attached to the handguards with two metal clamps, so it was often called "two-band model". The kind of bullets were usually of the Minié model, and were not made by melting lead into a mold, but by cutting a thick lead thread, which gave him more resistance.

Enjoy this DENIX reproduction of the Enfield 1861 rifle, a weapon which is much appreciated by historical reenactors of the Civil War and collectors of weapons for its quality, precision and reliability!

DENIX American Civil War Enfield Pattern Musketoon by Sándor Sénko

Reference 1046

Dimensions: 102 cm
Weight: 2,320 g
Country of manufacture: United States: Made in the USA
Epoch: Western and American Civil War 1861-1899
Type Collectible: Rifles & carbines

Recommended price 271.98 Vídeos
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