Dragoon Army revolver, USA 1851


Dragoon revolver, manufactured by S. Colt, USA 1848.

The Dragoon percussion revolver is a .44 caliber, designed for the cavalry of the United States, also called “dragons”.

This gun was designed as a solution to numerous problems that existed in the Walker model.

Even it was submitted after the Mexican-American War, it became popular among civilians during the years 1850-1860, and it was even used during the American Civil War.


Video by Sandor SENKO

Reference 1055

Dimensions: 35 cm
Weight: 1,568 g
Epoch: Western and American Civil War 1861-1899
Type Collectible: Revolvers

Recommended price 105.46


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    1847 Sam Colt and Texas Ranger Sam Walker collaborated to create a powerful revolver, the Walker Dragoon. Up to that point must pistols were single shot. Walker required each of his Rangers to carry two of these .44 caliber revolvers. The Dragoon was so large and heavy that it became a saddle pistol rather than holster, even during the war. Part of the changes made to the Dragoon was its size and weight, yet most civilians preferred the .36 cal. Navy model.

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