Schofield Cal.45 revolver, USA 1869


Reference 1008/L

Dimensions: 36 cm
Weight: 1,145 g
Epoch: Western and American Civil War 1861-1899
Type Collectible: Revolvers

Recommended price 100.48


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    This revolver looks a great deal like it is a Model No.3 Russian. In 1870 the U.S.Army ordered 1000 Model No.3 American. After little use, the military no longer liked the design of it and canceled it. The Russians were very impressed with the Model No.3 and in 1871, Russian Military officials spoke with Smith&Wessen regarding purchase of the Model No.3. The Russians suggested a few changes to it with S&W and a new .44 Russian chambering was born and called the Model No.3 Russian. This is also very similar to the Schofield, considered by many to be superior to the Colt SAA in the hands of mounted troops since the latch can be opened with one hand while on horseback and the empty cases eject automatically.

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