92 pistol, Italy 1975


Beretta pistol 92 F.9 mm, parabellum. 92 pistol, manufactured by Beretta, Italy 1975.

Step into history with the stunning replica of the legendary Beretta 92 F 9 mm, a masterpiece by DENIX that pays homage to one of the most iconic firearms of all time. This inert and safe replica allows you to explore its rich history and appreciate its technical details.

The Beretta 92 F, designed by the renowned Italian company Beretta in 1975, is known for its elegant design and robust construction. This semi-automatic pistol has served in armies worldwide and participated in historic wartime events, from the Cold War to more recent conflicts. Its 15-round magazine capacity and precision made it a symbol of reliability on the battlefield.

However, the Beretta 92 F has not only shone on the military stage. It has been a constant presence in cinematic culture, chosen by iconic characters such as John McClane in 'Die Hard' and the secret agent James Bond. Its presence on the big screen has immortalized it as an icon of action movies.

This meticulously crafted replica captures the essence of the Beretta 92 F, from its ergonomic grip to its sliding action. Every technical detail has been faithfully recreated to provide you with an authentic experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this magnificent replica of the Beretta 92 F 9 mm by DENIX. Immerse yourself in the history, technology, and elegance of this legendary firearm. If you wish to purchase it, visit DENIX's website to find out where you can locate it in your country.

DENIX REPLICAS. The Beretta 92 F 9 mm video by Roberto Condotta

Reference 1254

Dimensions: 25 cm
Weight: 1,290 g
Country of manufacture: Italy:
Epoch: Modern Weapons 1945 to 1982
Type Collectible: Pistols

Recommended price 176.86 Vídeos


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    Great replica. Highly recommend.

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