Ragnar's Viking axe, Sweden/Denmark 9th C.

Reproduction of an ornamented axe made of metal and wood.

Without any doubt the battle axe is the most characteristic weapon of the Viking warriors; although there were different kinds of axes, the materials were always the same: wood for the handle and iron for the leaf.

Initially, it was used as a tool to build boats, houses or cars, but given its versatility, its use extended to the battlefield. Accompanied by a shield, the Viking axe was an especially devastating resource if the enemy had no cavalry, or they didn’t have a large contingent of archers. The sight of Vikings handling this type of weapon caused terror.

Ragnar Lodbrok was a legendary Viking king who reigned in the ninth century, in the territories of the current Sweden and Denmark, and was part of numerous raids, both on the European continent and in the British Isles; He is remembered in the Scandinavian tradition for being bloodthirsty, rebellious and having wreaked havoc with the handling of his ax in the territories of present-day England and France.

He began with incursions thru the Baltic against the dominions of the Semigalians, Curonias and Sambians. By the year 845 he became one of the greatest Viking warlords. Then he decided to change his objectives and sailed on the Seine river to Paris, ravaging the western part of the Franco Empire and receiving an economic rescue to return the city to the grandson of Charlemagne.

Despite being documented as a real character, the existence of Ragnar Lodbrok has not always been absolutely clear. Those of you who have seen the series "Vikings" will know part of the adventures of this Nordic king.

Relive the conquests of the Viking king Ragnar with the DENIX reproduction of this axe!


Reference 605

Dimensions: 60 cm
Weight: 645 g
Epoch: Medieval Europe VI-XV C.
Type Collectible: Battle-axes & halberds

Recommended price 70.86
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