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  1. Posted by on 4


    I have all your WWII guns and the german G43 and FG42 would really class,Thank you for your great work.

  2. Posted by on 4

    I am French and I like very much the denix replica. I recommend you the production of french mat 49 because there is none replica on the market. Thank you in advance.

  3. Posted by on 4

    Mg mg mg m60 the saw rpk mg08 i have some of the handgun replicas i WANT,NEEDm1919 heavy artillery pieces,flamethrower, rpg,law rocket ooooh dont forget the javelin, your company is really cool so much potential waiting to be unlocked keep it goin

  4. Posted by on 4

    I really like your replicas and so I would like you to make a 1858 Remington New Army revolver (.36/.44 caliber).

  5. Posted by on 4


    I love your detailled model guns, especially from WW2! Thank you for the new STEN Mk.II, a great model for a good price!
    My suggestions for further models would be the German G43, the Beretta M1938 MP, the italian Breda Modelo 30 MG and - MOST OF ALL - the German FG-42, model 1 or 2!!!
    Thank you, best wishes from Germany... and keep your company going! :-)


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