Guns and their history: With what weapon was J.F Kennedy Killed?

Guns and their history: With what weapon was J.F Kennedy Killed?


Speak today of the assassination of John F. Kennedy is speaking of one of the most mysterious world events to date.  

Below we will explain why, but to do so, we must start from the beginning:

John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth President of the United States, and the fourth of the United States assassinated. Kennedy died on November 22 , 1963, in Dallas (Texas, United States) while riding in the presidential car in Dealey Plaza.

After a few police investigations, the killer was declared to be Lee Harvey Oswald, an employee of the Texas School Book Depository. Likewise, there was never any evidence that he was the real murderer, since he was arrested for taking the life of police officer JD Tippit the same day the president was assassinated. He was arrested, denying the accusations that declared him the assassin of President J.F. Kennedy. 

Lee Harvey Oswald never came to declare his innocence in front of the US courts. Two days after his arrest, Jack Ruby killed him. But why? Who was Jack Ruby? Did he kill out of revenge for the president's assassination, or because he was simply an envoy from high places?

Two things are known about Oswald's assassination: First, Jack Ruby killed him, making his way among journalists and onlookers, assassinating the 'supposed' assassin of John F. Kennedy in front of millions of people who were watching what happened on television. Second, he died from a shot to the abdomen with a Colt Cobra . This last piece of information is of vital importance, since said pistol was used at the time by members of the police and detectives. Did he steal it or borrow it? There are many theories regarding the weapon. 


Revolver Kennedy


TYPE: Revolver


IN SERVICE: 1951-1986

OPERATORS: France/United States

CURIOSITIES: The revolver Colt Cobra Colt Detective Special, a reduced version of the Colt Police Positive. She was employed by the Paris Police Prefecture. In addition to being the weapon used by Jack Ruby to assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald, it was also the weapon used by Monika Ertl to kill former Colonel Roberto Quintanilla, Bolivian consul, who had been responsible for the execution of Ernesto "Che" Guevara.


Jack Ruby's life was always very exposed after his arrest: it is known that, at only eleven years old, he was admitted to a psychiatric center. He was charged with murder at a young age, but was acquitted for lack of evidence. It is also known that he ran several nightclubs thanks to his connections with the Italian mafia, and even that Richard Nixon himself intervened so that the FBI would not investigate him for his links with her. 

In her arrest, Ruby declared that she had redeemed the city of Dallas in the eyes of the people and that she had also saved Jacqueline Kennedy from having to go through another trial by testifying in court against her husband's murderer. Although the most curious thing was when, just before dying in prison from a pulmonary embolism, just three years after the crime, Jack Ruby confessed:

"The world will never know the truth of what happened, nor my true motives"

While the United States United mourned the death of the former president, the news echoed a new revealing clue: They had found Oswald's fingerprints on a rifle Carcano M91/38 caliber 6.5 × 52 mm Mannlicher-Carcano that was found in an office of the Texas Book Depository, the precise place that was presumed to be the source of the shots at the president.


Rifle Kennedy

TYPE: Action rifle

OF ORIGIN: Kingdom of Italy

IN SERVICE: 1892 - 1981 (with Italian Police)

OPERATORS: Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946), Italian Social Republic, Albania, Nazi Germany, Kingdom of Bulgaria, Finland, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Empire of Japan, Libyan National Liberation Army and Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


Although Lee Harvey Oswald had defended his innocence at all times, always denying that he was the president's assassination, the world finally had a culprit: Lee Harvey Oswald had assassinated John F. Kennedy and Jack Ruby had atoned for his crimes by doing justice, executing him. .

Undoubtedly, there are many questions and loose ends to be resolved in this story:

Was Lee Harvey Oswald really a scapegoat as he claimed?

Why was the supposed weapon with which he killed J.F Kennedy not the same with which he killed J.D Tippit moments later? Why was it never revealed what weapon the police chief was killed with?

We know that Jack Ruby was in the spotlight and moved through powerful spheres, both in politics and in the mafia... Why did he kill Oswald? Why in front of everyone? Why with a police weapon? Why never revealed the motives for the murder?

What is certain is that Jack Ruby, who had been involved in previous murders, had supported communist dictatorial regimes, belonged to mafia groups, practiced pimping, arms and drug trafficking, and had faced millions of Americans like the hero who assassinated the assassin of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

And you do you think? Was Lee Harvey Oswald really the assassin of JF Kennedy or was he a scapegoat? Do you think the evidence was rigged?

At DENIX we believe that this, like many other stories, is full of conspiracy theories of all kinds that will never be revealed to the public. 

We love stories surrounded by a halo of mystery... And you? 

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