Guns and their history: The most expensive weapons of the second world war

Guns and their history: The most expensive weapons of the second world war


The Second World War not only designated one of the most significant armed conflicts in the history of humanity, it also generated a before and after the way of fighting. Conventional weapons, already known in previous conflicts, gave way to new ones, modernizing previously used strategies.  

As previously discussed in this blog, the weapons of the First World War (generally of a defensive nature), such as the machine gun, mines, heavy artillery, etc. They were designed and used mostly for this same purpose. However, during the Second World War, long-range weapons of an offensive and mobile nature modified the war strategy used and mobilized armies from trench fighting to safer ground: air attack with planes and land with battle tanks. 

If it is true that the Second World War was a milestone in the design and redesign of weapons, many of which are still in use today, it also left us weapons of incalculable historical value. 

To this day, these weapons, categorized as 'rare' or 'exceptional', have an improbable economic value thanks to their historical value and their attractive design. These weapons are much more than just devices for defense and attack, they are historical elements of fascinating cost and intrinsic value.

Many of them have been inherited or donated, ending up in renowned auctions, where their exacerbated price has only fueled the historical value of each weapon.

Here we present the most expensive weapons of World War II.


1. 45 ACP Thompson Submachine Gun - $63,250

2. Johnson M1941 submachine gun - $63,250

3. Colt 1911A1 pistol - $69,000

4. Colt 38mm pistol (AlCapone gun) - $77,000

5. Golden Walther PP 7.65 mm (Hitler's Golden Gun) - $114,000

6. German FG 42 rifle - $241,500

7. Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver - $1,100,000


1. 45 ACP Thompson submachine gun - $63,250


Thompson Submachine DENIX

Model: 45 ACP Thompson

Year of Manufacture: 1918

Country of Manufacture: United States of America

Manufacturer: John Taliaferro Thompson - Remington Arms Company

Shooting mode: Simple

Curiosities: In its beginnings, this weapon was the favorite of North American gangsters, who knew it by the nickname of Tommy. Later, in 1938, under military use, it was one of the most used submachine guns by American soldiers, both in World War II and in the battles of Korea and Vietnam. 


Thompson's rifles are an American weapon jewel. Visit our POST to learn more about the gangster's favorite submachine gun. 


Similar replicas at DenixDENIX Replica.- M1 submachine gun model designed by Thompson in 1928 (WWII) by Roberto Condotta


2. Johnson M1941 submachine gun - $63,250


Johnson submachine DENIX

Model: Johnson M1941

Year of manufacture: 1937

Country of manufacture: United States of America

Manufacturer: Melvin Johnson

Shooting mode: Semi

Curiosities: Undoubtedly, a rare weapon. It was used by a special operations unit formed jointly by Americans and Canadians (1st Special Services Force) during World War II.


3. Colt 1911A1 pistol - $69,000


Denix Colt pistol


Model: Colt 1911A1

Year of manufacture: 1911

Country of manufacture: United States of America

Manufacturer: Samuel Colt - Singer Manufacturing Company 

Shooting mode: Semiautomatic

Curiosities: One of the reasons that this first Colt design is on this list, is that it became the official pistol of the US Armed Forces for 74 years (1911-1985).


If Colt pistols are your weakness, like ours, visit our BLOG where we explain more in depth about this weapon.


Similar replicas in Denix: DENIX 1312 USA - Be an expert - Assembly tutorial


4. Colt .45 pistol (AlCapone gun) - $77,000


DENIX Colt pistol


Model: Colt .45 

Year of manufacture: 1929

Country of manufacture: United States of America

Manufacturer: Samuel Colt

Shooting mode: Semi

Curiosities: This weapon was bought by the famous mobster when celebrating the murder of seven Irishmen after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The weapon was accompanied by an identification of authenticity written by Capone's wife.


5. Golden Walther PP 7.65 mm (Hitler's Golden Gun) - $114,000


Hitler gun DENIX


Model: Walther PP 

Year of manufacture: 1931

Country of manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen

Shooting mode: Semi

Curiosities: Known as 'The Führer's golden pistol ', this semi-automatic pistol was given to Adolf Hitler for his fiftieth birthday in 1939. It is believed to be the weapon he used to commit suicide.


6. German FG-42 rifle - $241,500


DENIX German Rifle

Model: FG-42 rifle 

Year of manufacture: 1942

Country of manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: Krieghoff 

Units manufactured: 7000 units.

Shooting mode: Semi-automatic with closed and open in automatic

Curiosities: This German rifle was made expressly for the elite air units of the German army in the occupation of the island of Crete. With a long-range shot, its sturdiness allowed it to land hits with it once it was on the ground.


7. Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver - $1,100,000


DENIX Colt pistol

Model: Colt Model 1849

Year of Manufacture: 1936

Country of Manufacture: United States of America

Manufacturer: Samuel Colt

Features: This pistol is a perfect hybrid between the original Colt Peterson model and the design and the technology of modern revolvers. Although without a doubt, what makes it so special and expensive (in addition to its historical value) is without a doubt the gold inlay that it has all around it.


Similar replicas in DenixThank you Sandor for your DENIX video



The Second World War increased with the technological development of weapons at that time. The weapons used, like many objects present, currently have incalculable historical and monetary value. 


Currently, there are countless replicas of these historical weapons that bring us a little closer to each of the historical events that occurred in this period, allowing us to hold in our hands true weaponry jewels of inconceivable value.


At DENIX we have a wide variety of replicas of these ancient weapons, for all kinds of times and tastes. Visit our CATALOG and discover the stories and characters hidden in each of them.

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