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WAR CURIOSITIES: Men and weapons. A day of fighting beyond the Rhine

An article by our guest blogger: Daniel Ortega del Pozo. March 1945. World War II comes to an end. Not far from the border with Germany, in an Amer...

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M1911 pistol replica family

Do you know the secrets of our replica M1911 pistol?

One of our obsessions, is to offer every day a better service to the fans of our replicas of historical weapons. On this occasion, our distributors ha...

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Neo035 new friend of DENIX

Bienvenue a Neo035, a new friend of Denix in France

As you know, France is one of the countries where we have the most fans and friends. In this 2018 we have been working hard for a new portal in French...

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WAR CURIOSITIES: A fight to the death in the Reichstag

An article by our guest blogger: Daniel Ortega del Pozo. Berlin, last days of April 1945. The Third Reich is dying. As well as one of its most symb...

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Daniel Ortega

New: The War Curiosities by Daniel Ortega

We start the month of April with a great novelty, one of those that we like to share with DENIX fans. Our new collaboration with Daniel Ortega, an exp...

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DENIX - Be an expert - Video tutorials

We released TUTORIALS for our DENIX fans

We released a new resource for our fans of DENIX replicas. They often ask us to develop replicas of more dynamic and realistic weapons. We work har...

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The guns and their history: Battle of Eylau.

The guns and their history: Battle of Eylau.

On the 7th and 8th, February 1807 the Battle of Eylau took place, between the forces of Napoleon I and the Russian army.  After the battles of Aust...

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