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  1. Posted by on 4

    I saw the video and you guys do a great job on these replica so I pershase the old western gun and hang it on my wall with the rest of my antique Calletion thank you

  2. Posted by on 4

    Your replicas are truly amazing, adding a FG42 or g43 would be awsome.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Posted by on 4

    I am desperately trying to replace my son's Denix pistol that was stolen from him a few years ago. It is your Model # 1711 -- the Calalonian Flintlock Pistol Replica. If there is any chance that I can purchase one of these from you, it would mean so very much to my son. I will look forward to hearing from you very much! Best Regards, Karl

  4. Posted by on 4

    I'd love to see a svt40 replica.Greetings from Finland

  5. Posted by on 4

    Your replicas are top quality and it would be good for your business and Byers like myself to broaden your stock with some more guns, like M1903 Springfield, Tompson M1A1, Grease gun, B.A.R and a G43 maybe even a FG42

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