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  1. Posted by on 4


    Allow me to say that I absolutely love your catalogue. But I feel if you expand it to a wider variety, more people will becom interested in your company. Such expansions could be the Springfield 1903 bolt-action rifle, the Colt double action revolver, the Springfield trapdoor rifle, or the Winchester lever action shotgun.

    Yours Truly,
    Jacob Herr.

  2. Posted by on 4

    Your Lee enfield No1 is excellent, would really like to see you produce a Lee Enfield No4 rifle

  3. Posted by on 4

    Loving the replicas so far, would love to see a Springfield 1903 rifle or Smith & Wesson 1917 revolver! Both have historical signifcance in World War 1, and World War 2.

  4. Posted by on 4

    I've got one of your Lee Enfield No.1 MkIIIs, and a Garand, and I'll be buying a Sten as soon as I find a dealer selling them. When are you going to bring out a Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk.1? I'm sure they'd be a big seller!

  5. Posted by on 4

    I own a lot of your replicas and are very happy with them, one gun I wish you could make is the Tokarev tt-33, I love my Makarov and want more soviet/russian guns.

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