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  1. Posted by on 4

    congratulations for the wide range and the quality of your replicas.
    Did you plan to build a Lee Enfield N°4 MKI's replica? This model is lacking in the collection of the british weapons WW2 replicas.

  2. Posted by on 4

    I have one of your garand, replicas from the Normandy tank mueseum and I have to say it is utterly amazing. The quality, the weight of it, the looks and size, perfect

  3. Posted by on 4

    You are really artists!I have a colt navy replica and the tommy gun with the round magazine.IKeep doing the right thing!

  4. Posted by on 4

    I've owned 3 denix replicas so far (currently only owning two of them sadly) great quality I must say and I would love to see some more modern weapons such as a tec-9 or a glock. I also personally love the mp5 / mp5k and would love to have one on the wall, thank you for doing a great job on replica guns!

  5. Posted by on 4

    I own your sten replica it is a great looking copy. When will you do the M3 Grease Gun as used in W WII? Very interested in purchasing one

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