The MG42 Machine Gun (Germany 1942) is the most requested reproduction by DENIX fans.

Do you know the most required reproductions of historical weapons by our FANS? Since 2012 we collect, study and analyze your proposals. Now we can present the results of your suggestions until April 2018.

More than 780 worldwide fans of DENIX have participated, both in Spanish and English. All those in a study that has been developed between March and April of 2018, even that it is still open for all those who want to participate.

This time our question was aimed to confirm or not our ranking of TOP suggestions that we have been collecting through your opinions for more than 5 years:

Looking at the figures, the 780 new responses have significantly changed these priorities, being the MG42 (Germany 1942) machine gun model from the Second World War, the most required model by all our fans. 

Here you can see the added results:

According to the new ranking observed, the order is as follows:

  1. Machine gun MG42, Germany 1942. WWII,
  2. Rifle SPRINGFIELD M1903, USA 1902. WWI and WWII,
  3. BAR M1918 A2 Rifle, USA 1917. WWI & WWII,
  4. FG42 Paratropper Authomatic Rifle, Germany 1942. WWII,
  5. LEBEL mod. 1886 - M93 Rifle, France 1887. WWI,
  6. GEWEHR 43 Rifle (G43), Germany 1943. WWII,
  7. Rifle MOSIN-NAGANT 1891/30, Russia 1891. WWI and WWII,
  8. Rifle LEE-ENFIELD No. 4 MK1, United Kingdom 1941. WWII,
  9. Gun TOKAREV TT-33, Russia 1930. WWII,
  10. Mod. 1858 ARMY & NAVY Revolver, USA 1960. Western, and
  11. Submachine gun STERLING L2A3 (MARK 4), United Kingdom 1944. WWII.

Although the study is continuous, we can state that the historical category that is generating the most demands is clearly the period of the First and Second World War (WWI and WWII).

From DENIX we maintain the commitment that the annual renewal of our catalog is based on the most popular proposals of our fans. And although we cannot always respond to all your proposals ... we encourage you to take advantage and participate by giving your opinion here:  

Do you participate too? Share with a friend or a fan of historical weapons reproductions so that he can do it too.


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