The guns and their history: Battle of Leipzig

On this day, October 16th 1813, began the Battle of Leipzig, the greatest armed confrontation among all the Napoleonic Wars and the most important battle lost by Napoleon. 

After the failed attempt to conquer Berlin, Napoleon was forced to retreat westward, concentrating his forces around Leipzig. The Sixth Coalition (Britain, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Prussia, Austria, Sweden and small German states) had more men and attacked from the south and the north, on a offensive that had little success, but Napoleon's forces could not break enemy lines, resulting in a hard stagnant fight. After both contenders received reinforcements, the allies sent a large assault in all fronts which resulted in a fight of more than nine hours. The French were pushed towards Leipzig and on the 18th at night they began to retreat across the Elster River until the last bridge was destroyed and the French rearguard was captured. 

Enjoy one of our replicas that can evoke this historical moment: NAPOLEON CANYON, FRANCE 1806

Here we leave a video news on one of the acts of historical recreation of this battle of Leipzig that helps us to approach the moment and the rennactors of the whole world:



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