The guns and their history: Battle of Arsuf

On September 7, 1191, the Battle of Arsuf was fought in the context of the Third Crusade between the Christian forces of Richard the Lionheart and the Muslim forces of Saladin in Arsuf. The forces of Saladino, launched several massive attacks against the crossed column, that surprisingly resisted the continuous assaults and the interminable rain of projectiles. The Christian knights begin to fight against the cake and the infantry form a defensive wall with their shields. When the vanguard reached the walls of Arsuf finally Richard had the opportune moment to go on the offensive. Before the onslaught of the crusaders armed with metal armor, the light Muslim troops broke ranks, being trapped by the forest behind them. Finally, the hours of bloody fighting by Saladin's forces could be withdrawn from the battlefield. After this victory Richard took Jaffa, converting it into his main base of operation.

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