New: The War Curiosities by Daniel Ortega

We start the month of April with a great novelty, one of those that we like to share with DENIX fans. Our new collaboration with Daniel Ortega, an experienced author who writes about the Second World War and in his blog tells us his "War Curiosities", pieces of history that hooked us from the first minute.

Daniel Ortega, with whom we started a collaboration with the aim of enjoying the story together through replicas and reproductions of DENIX historical weapons, is defined as: "among other things, teacher by profession, passionate about heavy metal and a A great lover of History Once a project arises to work on, there is no turning back Music and car accompany me to my destination to start with field work, interviews and a host of activities that will allow me, months then, count hundreds of hours of documentation in an adventure of which you will be an exclusive participant. "

We love reproducing how the author describes the beginning of our collaboration:

Those of you who have followed me for a long time, know how meticulous and demanding is the process of creating a historical or war novel, my favorite genres; but also at the time of writing those articles baptized as "military curiosities", which are not left behind at the time of demanding work, effort and dedication.

Surely many of you, friends and readers, know very well the pieces of History created by Denix, because they are international reference. From these lines, from now on, I assume my share of responsibility to make your prestige even greater. Through several articles-stories in the purest style of "military curiosities", I will try that those who read each installment move to a historical era where weapons played a leading role, smelling the gunpowder burned and feel the roar of detonations in the middle of the battlefield.


From DENIX we hope that this collaboration will boost, our work of disseminating History through its unique pieces of collection. Thanks to Daniel Ortega for this first experience in 2018, which we hope will be the beginning of a long journey together.

We are waiting for you next April 11, when we will publish the first of the publications of our own War Curiosities.

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