Do you know the secrets of our replica M1911 pistol?

One of our obsessions, is to offer every day a better service to the fans of our replicas of historical weapons. On this occasion, our distributors have suggested that the fans would appreciate a minimum of instructions to know all the dynamism that replicas of M1911 guns can offer (among which we have developed a family with different finishes: models 1312, 6312, 8312 and 9312) .

The M1911 is a sturdy and reliable, single-action semi-automatic pistol, operated by direct recoil and powered by a row magazine of 7 .45 caliber cartridges. It was designed for military use by John M. Browning, who also designed the appropriate cartridge for the weapon, the .45 ACP.

We leave you here some graphic instructions that can help you in different uses of the M1911 replica.


Assembly of the M1911.

Disassembly of the M1911.

Moving parts of the M1911.

We hope you find it helpful to enjoy your replicas.

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