Bienvenue a Neo035, a new friend of Denix in France

As you know, France is one of the countries where we have the most fans and friends. In this 2018 we have been working hard for a new portal in French that you can visit here:
And the response of all our fans in France has been very positive. We already have thousands of daily visitors to our online catalog that speak French ...
Today we want to continue adding more valuable content for our fans, in this case we introduce you to Neo035. A fan of our brand and the historical recreation that offers us since independence, a review of some of our products dedicated to the Second World War. 
Here you have an interesting interview that will help you get to know Neo035 better:
We also invite you to see his first collaboration experience in this review of the COLT 1911 A1 (in French but with English subtitles that you can activate when viewing the video):

You can find much more information about this new DENIX friend on their own channels:
His website:
We hope you like it and you can spread it among the other DENIX fans ... inside and outside of France. ;-)
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